Summer Programs to Keep Kids Active in Hillsborough County

With the summer in full swing, it is important to keep kids busy and out of trouble. Keeping kids active on a daily basis, however, can become an expensive undertaking for parents. There are a number of options available for families in Hillsborough County to keep kids safe, happy, healthy, and active during the summer, at no great expense to their parents.

City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department Summer Camps

The Tampa Parks and Recreation Department is offering Summer Day Camps and Special interest camps at 25 different locations throughout the city of Tampa. Children will get to enjoy fresh air and outdoor activities while having fun and making new memories. This option is extremely affordable as well, just $80 per child for nine weeks.


Local YMCA clubs offer various summer camps. Some are one-week sessions and some are more extended “sports clinics.” Camps run through August 3. Most day camps operate from 9 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. each day. For details, call (813) 224-9622.

Sports Camps

While sports camps are somewhat more expensive, they offer the child the opportunity to refine or build new skills in a single sport or even a variety of sports. Some of the options available include: basketball, baseball, gymnastics, flag football, cheerleading, soccer or golf.

Girls Camp

The Centre for Girls, run by the Centre for Women has a summer program that extends through August 3. The program includes cooking, field trips, aerobics, fitness classes and computer lab activities. The program is run by counselors and helps build self-esteem and healthy choices in girls. The Centre is located at 105 W. Sligh Avenue, and the program is open to girls age 10 to 18.To become a member, stop by for a tour and to pick up a registration packet, call (813) 231-3404.


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